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Santa's Website

Santa’s website welcomes you. Visit the naughty or nice list. Visit with Rudolph and his pals, Visit the elves at the Elf House, Visit Rudy the Postmaster, and don't forget to check back on Christmas eve to the tracking center and track Santa as he fly’s around the world.

Santa website was designed by Santa Claus with the help of elves at the North Pole. Santa spends a lot of time on his website answering letters and emails from all the children around the world. Santa also loves to have live chats on his website

Santa recently purchased a computer from Bill Gates. Mr. Gates made sure Santa’s laptop was fully capable of satellite tracking and has recently installed a top secret micro chip on his laptop. This secret micro-chip allows Santa to find his way around the world, Santa previously relied on a Rand McNally road map.

Santa’s Website is truly a remarkable accomplishment, Santa spends thousands of hours every year adding new features to the Santa Site, Santa’s website is used by all the towns people at the North Pole, They check the weather forecast all the time. This is very important up here at the North Pole, especially because it snows almost every day and there are a lot of delays for the school buses.

Santa’s Website is also used by millions of children around the world trying to contact Santa; Santa knows he can’t answer all the emails, but he does his best to answer most of them. You also might receive and email from Mrs. Claus as she helps Santa write letters and emails.

Santa hopes that you enjoy his website.


The following stories are coming soon, The North Pole News (www.northpolenews.com) is the official newspaper at the North Pole. Here are a list of stories that the elves are working on.

Santa’s Sleigh get new Paint Job

coming soon….

Santa’s Website gets 10 million visitors (santaswebsite.com)

coming soon…

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer visit’s the Abominable Snowman

coming soon…

Santa’s Post Office receives 29 million letters (www.santaspostoffice.com)

coming soon….

Kris Kringle (www.kriskringle.com) How Kris Kringle became known as Santa

Santa’s story coming soon…

Santa picks the famous Joshua Bovill and the LA Capella Group to sing “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas” on the front page on Santa’s Website.

Story coming soon…..


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