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Hi.  My name is Blitzen and I am one of Santa's reindeers. When I think back to when I became one of Santa's reindeers, I have to laugh out loud. You see, I never thought I could fly. I used to watch those reindeers playing, running and then flying.  Oh my, can you imagine?  Reindeer that fly. Well, it's real.

So, one day while I was sitting around watching all my friends, I closed my eyes and wished I could fly. I opened my eyes, starting running and leaped in the air and then fell to the ground.  I was sad that I couldn't fly but still so happy that I got to live in the North Pole with Santa. I love Christmas and all the happiness it brings to families around the world.

I decided that I would continue with my practicing. For the next year I did the same thing over and over again. I ran as fast as I could, jumped in the air and fell to the ground. Sometimes I got hurt but I dusted myself off and tried again. I knew I could do this.  I knew if I tried hard and believed in myself, I could fly.

December came upon us and Santa needed another reindeer. I ran to Santa and said "Oh Santa, I have tried so hard for a year.I want to be one of your reindeers so please let me try to fly for you".  Santa told me I could try but if it didn't come naturally, then it probably would not happen.    Well, I still knew I could do this. I told Santa to watch. I ran as fast as I could, leaped into the air and flew. I couldn't believe it!  I was a flying reindeer. I knew I could do it.

So kids, next time you think you can't do something, keep trying. A little determination, confidence and effort will take you far. Look at how far it took me. I get to travel around the world and bring happiness to families everywhere.


Your Friend Blitzen



Merry Christmas,